Friday, November 18, 2011

The Cognition

Life is what?
we are living on the earth
and call it life
is it life?

we born and dies
everyone has destiny
but is it real destiny?

After all why we all here
is there any purpose?

we discover
and later we destroy
is there any end of discovery?

we wake up every morning
and sleep every night
what we are doing?

we have created questions
and tried to give answers
but is there any solution?
what is right
what is wrong
who knows?

Mind is everything
and everything is Mind
You will find yourself
where there is no mind
Ecstasy is there
Silence is there
Peace is there
Enlightenment is there
Love is there
Life is there

we see but not watch
we hear but not listen
we speak but not say
we are living in daily life
why not in every moment
Live Life Lively

we the people
knows everything
but don't know our self
have you ever tried to find?
who knows may be
you will find yourself!

Watch the beauty of nature
listen the silence in sounds
sing with the birds
dance in the rhythm
share the love
care for resources
which keeps us alive
drop the ego
we nothing in mystic universe
know the fact we alive
be free from thoughts
and be in feel
feel the existence
Just be!

It's life
we try never know
live in it
we are part of it
Come Together!!!
let's celebrate our Journey!

The Cognition!

Vishal Thummar


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